Spa of the Month!

Thank you Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa for naming Lily Grace as Spa of the Month!
Excerpt below:

It is summer in Ann Arbor, and though most of the city’s undergraduate population has returned home for the warmer months of the year, those lucky enough to experience a Michigan summer are also privy to spend their time off at the city’s most exclusive salon and spa. Look no further than the center of Main Street for Lily Grace Cosmetics, a boutique spa stocking its shelves with premium brands where guests can indulge in the ultimate luxury of both advanced facial treatments and a guided, personalized retail experience. Born of owner Cyndi Clark’s experience and imagination and named after her granddaughter, Lily Grace offers advanced skin care technology, specialty and natural skin care brands, fragrance, and home care; all tied together with navy and cream bags, boxes and bows.
As a luxury retailer, Cyndi chooses prestige and hard-to-find brands for her clients: ‘I have a personal relationship with 90 percent of the brand owners of the brands we carry. I’m grateful to have had the privilege to have worked with most of the brands in my past positions over the past 30 years in the cosmetics retail world and make selections that I believe are the best for our clients.’
— Cristina Beecham, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa, June 2018
Alison Whitty